Atelier Versace Fall 2013


Remember the costumes in The Great Gatsby? Of course you do. Such stunners aren’t easily forgotten. But not everyone was equally in awe of them – Miuccia Prada faced some criticism over their historical inaccuracy. Were the naysayers right? Yes and no. Yes, because no one with basic knowledge of fashion history could mistake Daisy’s dresses for authentic 1920s designs. No, because the pieces achieved the desired effect – one that more “realistic” styles would not.

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6 Books Baz Luhrmann Should Take On Next


Here’s Baz Luhrmann’s recipe for an epic blockbuster: take a literary classic, cut out the highbrow parts, stuff it with special effects, add a handful of glitter, stir it in the rhythm of whatever VIVA plays at the moment, and apply lots of dressing (designer, of course.) Killjoys in unfashionable glasses may complain, but audiences will devour your film like a pile of Nutella pancakes.

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Monday Review: The Great Gatsby


After as much buildup as The Great Gatsby had – making headlines and sparking a catwalk trend a year and a half before its long-delayed premiere – disappointment was almost inevitable. So long awaited, no wonder it’s hated (by about 50% of critics, according to Rotten Tomatoes.) I, however, having watched most of Baz Luhrmann’s films and loved none, didn’t expect much from this adaptiation. Perhaps that’s why I ended up enjoying it immensely.

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Fashion Friday: My F-Word Wishlist


Friday starts with an F. So does fashion. And fun. And a few other things, but I know your filthy minds have already figured them out. So, what F-things do you fancy today?

After watching a very fashionable film (pictured above) I feel an urgent need for some fuzzy fur (but faux, please!), fetching fascinators and  flappers with fringe and feathers.

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