Thursday Track: Amanda Palmer


Happy birthday tooo meee! I’m turning 19 on Friday, which means I’m another year closer to being all fat, wrinked and dead. Ain’t it a reason to celebrate?

No, honestly. I used to hate birthdays, because they reminded me of my perishing youth. Not that I love it that much. I’d rather be middle-aged, if that means having life experience and all the confidence that comes with it, a stable job, and the right to say “you’ll grow up and see.” Nevertheless, I’ve always felt irrationally sorry  for every year that passed.

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Monday Review(?): “Reborn” by Susan Sontag


I hesitated for months before reading Susan Sontag’s diaries. I knew I’d love them, of course – as a devout fan of Sontag, I’d adore a Tesco press release if she had written one. The reason of my reluctance was that I don’t like the thought of peeking into someone’s private journal – published when they’re dead and cannot object, or even unfriend me on Facebook as a punishment for reading it.

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