Fashion Friday: My F-Word Wishlist


Friday starts with an F. So does fashion. And fun. And a few other things, but I know your filthy minds have already figured them out. So, what F-things do you fancy today?

After watching a very fashionable film (pictured above) I feel an urgent need for some fuzzy fur (but faux, please!), fetching fascinators and  flappers with fringe and feathers.

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Thursday Tracklist: Songs You Know But Can’t Name


I wanted to make a post featuring my favourite songs about sex. However, while I was researching it, happened something that changed my plans. (No, not an STD – you really can’t get one from Google.) A Polish Facebook page gained 133K followers (which is really much for Poland) in just 4 days , completely dominating my news feed, and therefore also my mind. Its name translates as ” Songs that everyone knows, but no one remembers what they’re called.”

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Overanalyzing: Why Do Hipsters Take Pictures Of Their Food?


Sometime around 2010, the first photo of a tofu cake (or was it a mango salad?) appeared on my Facebook feed. What was my reaction? I wish I remembered. Perhaps I smiled. Maybe I “liked” it. Or possibly I turned off my desktop PC (oh, the technology we used in ye olden days!) and headed to the kitchen. Most likely, I ignored it, not realizing that I was just witnessing the birth of a trend soon to sweep the world.

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