Th-inspiration: David Hockney… and Swimsuits

pool party

…And a song I listened to when I was 14.

I grew up believing that David Hockney’s iconic painting A Bigger Splash was all about contrast: between the static, orderly background and the seemingly uncontrolled “splash”, which, by the way, was carefully painted with tiny brushstrokes. Alright, good enough.

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Thursday Tracklist: Tom Odell


With a name that sounds like Adele‘s, and a hairstyle that brings Kurt Cobain to mind, this Sussex-born, self-taught at open-mic nights 22-year old musician can’t escape comparisons. It doesn’t help that he sings, indeed, like a lovechild of the two: darker than pop but not quite rock; technically lovesongs, yet more despairing than romantic.

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