A Word About Reviewing Fashion Shows

everything is fabulous

For the next week, I’ll write nothing but reviews of haute couture shows. I’ll praise some, criticize others, and even give them star ratings.

Who am I to dare even think of questioning the megnificence of Dior or the genius of Karl Lagerfeld? Why, a young girl who tackled putting words into sentences and managing a simple WordPress site. In a word, a blogger.

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Is Bra-Fitting the New Vanity Sizing?

why does ariel wear seashells

Hey, anyone know if most women wear the wrong size bra? I really need to read more about this, ideally illustrated with a photo of breasts – recently tweeted Guardian fashion columnist Hadley Freeman.

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Men’s Right to Fashion

what men wear

Whenever you see the words fashion and feminism together, you’re also  likely to find the prefix anti- between them. In spite of great books like Linda Scott’s Fresh Lipstick, or articles such as this one, the belief persists that it’s somehow degrading for a woman to care about clothes. What if it’s the other way round? What if it’s men who are deprived of something when, under the threat of being ridiculed, they’re banned from dressing up?

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CFDAs: the Can’t Fake a Damn Abouts

cfda clinton

The Oscars of fashion were presented earlier this week. Yes, I know that you know. After all, you’d been awaiting them at least since March, when the nominees were announced. You followed speculations about who will win – God, there was no end to these. You woke up on Tuesday excited and anxious to check the results, and then you went on to discuss them with friends and read media analysis of the ceremony and its outcomes.

Oh, you didn’t? Me neither.

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Shoes Are the New Corsets


Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world – goes one of fashion’s favourite clichés. I have no proof that it is false. We never know. Perhaps Angela Merkel’s hidden secret is her magical footwear. Maybe Margaret Thatcher did what she did thanks to wearing the perfect pumps. However, the opposite is definitely true: give a girl the wrong shoes, and she cannot conquer the world.

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Reclaiming Pink


Pink (the colour) is a lot like Justin Bieber (the, ekhem, singer.)

Little girls love it. Slightly bigger girls hate it with a passion. Even bigger girls sometimes come back to “loving” it ironically. Boys of all ages avoid it like the plague. For inexplicable reasons, it is linked with homosexuality. Not in a good way, though. That’s for rainbow and Lady Gaga.

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