Monday Review: The Great Gatsby


After as much buildup as The Great Gatsby had – making headlines and sparking a catwalk trend a year and a half before its long-delayed premiere – disappointment was almost inevitable. So long awaited, no wonder it’s hated (by about 50% of critics, according to Rotten Tomatoes.) I, however, having watched most of Baz Luhrmann’s films and loved none, didn’t expect much from this adaptiation. Perhaps that’s why I ended up enjoying it immensely.

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Monday Review: I’m So Excited!


Here’s something you didn’t know about Pedro Almodovar: before he became the much-lauded, award-winning film director he is, he used to play in a band. And no, it wasn’t some artsy-fartsy alternative rock band known for their greasy hair and Dostoyevsky references. The group, called  simply Almodovar y McNamara, is now euphemistically described as punk. Quite what it was, you decide:

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Monday Review: Spring Breakers


So, how did your spring break go? Mine was filled with waking up at 9 instead of 8, catching up on time-wasting websites, “borrowing” books from by brother’s awesome library and trying to write a blog. To finish it off, I went to see a film about a bunch of girls who spend theirs getting high, pouring alcohol on each other, being licked by random guys, and running around with guns and My Little Pony balaclavas. I can’t decide who’s holidays sound more fun.

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