1 Granary Magazine: A First Look


“Do you sell…” I start, but the young man working in our college shop doesn’t let me finish. “1 Granary? We will, but not yet.” I must be the gazillionth person that day to ask for Central Saint Martins‘s new publication, which has already been featured in The Times, The Independent, Vogue, and on some. of. my. favourite. blogs. – before even launching its first issue. As I turn around to walk away, a big cardboard box arrives. Seconds later, here I am: Ana Oppenheim, one of the world’s first owners of a copy of 1 Granary.

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Advice Ana: What Every Woman Must Have


One of the most important things I’ve learned at uni so far is to do your research. Therefore, before starting a post about must-haves, I went to the library and  contacted a bunch of style guides to find all the stuff that a woman apparently can’t live without. The list I came up with is as follows:

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Fuck Yeah Historical Price Converter!


I sooo wish I could treat my nonexistent devoted followers with a lol-funny review of a cutting-edge recent release. Unfortunately, I spent the entire week procrastinating an essay about art galleries. After a Hamlet-worthy internal monologue and tons of tears and heartbreak, I decided not to make a post about The Curator’s Egg, and skip this weeks’ Monday Review. Consider yourselves spared* and enjoy instead my latest, life-changing discovery (you discover amazing things when you pretend to be working):

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