A Word About Reviewing Fashion Shows

everything is fabulous

For the next week, I’ll write nothing but reviews of haute couture shows. I’ll praise some, criticize others, and even give them star ratings.

Who am I to dare even think of questioning the megnificence of Dior or the genius of Karl Lagerfeld? Why, a young girl who tackled putting words into sentences and managing a simple WordPress site. In a word, a blogger.

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Coverrated is Awesome x 2


Guys! Remember that time when IFB included my post about shoes and corsets in their weekly roundup? Well, they did it again, this time with my 800-word-strong article about menswear. Here goes the full list of honoured bloggers:

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Fashion Friday: My F-Word Wishlist


Friday starts with an F. So does fashion. And fun. And a few other things, but I know your filthy minds have already figured them out. So, what F-things do you fancy today?

After watching a very fashionable film (pictured above) I feel an urgent need for some fuzzy fur (but faux, please!), fetching fascinators and  flappers with fringe and feathers.

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Coverrated Is Awesome, Says IFB


Omgomgomg. My first ever blogging success. Independent Fashion Bloggers selected Shoes Are The New Corsets as one of the top 20 posts of the week. I feel a step closer to being Freshly Pressed, then getting a real writing job, then winning a Pulitzer, and finally a Nobel Prize. (And then killing myself, because there’s nothing left to achieve. So if in 50 years I put myself through the shredder, blame IFB.)

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