Ridiculously Expensive Fashion Friday


Remember that time dad forgot your birthday? Or came to your school in a much too tight Led Zeppelin T-shirt? Or all the stupid stories about your childhood he loves to tell? Well, it seems like he deserves a really, really bad Father’s Day gift in return. But forget Winnie the Pooh necktie (he might decide to wear it!), World’s Worst Dad socks (ibid., with sandals) or even a Gillette, given with that meaningful look (spare yourself the horror of seeing it unpacked in the bathroom, and papa’s beard still unshaved.) Instead, get him one of these – and pay with his credit card. As a child of the recession, you don’t have your own money, do you?

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Fashion Friday: My F-Word Wishlist


Friday starts with an F. So does fashion. And fun. And a few other things, but I know your filthy minds have already figured them out. So, what F-things do you fancy today?

After watching a very fashionable film (pictured above) I feel an urgent need for some fuzzy fur (but faux, please!), fetching fascinators and  flappers with fringe and feathers.

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My 2013 Wedding Dress


Nah, I’m not getting married anytime soon. I’m as good at relationships as I am at cooking – and you should know that I consider fairly tolerable scrambled eggs my top culinary achievement to date. Anyway, were I planning to tie the knot, 2013 would a good year to do so. Firstly, because it’s finally becoming equal for all – at least in the UK, where I live, and in France, where couture lives. And secondly, because the runways have recently been swept with some absolutely astonishing white creations.

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