Fragrance Friday: Repetto


Everyone seems to be launching a fragrance nowadays, and I can’t say I was surprised when Repetto jumped the bandwagon. In case you’re not a ballet aficionado, let me explain that Repetto is like Louboutin for the tutu-clad. Although the brand is best known for its world-famous, excellent quality points, they also produce bags, comfy clothes and pretty flats for non-dancers. And now also perfume.

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Fragrance Friday:* 5 Iconic Perfume Bottles

Chanel by Warhol

Some fragrances are so popular that you can name them as soon as you smell them. In other cases, it’s not even necessary to open the cap: you catch a glimpse of the bottle and know what’s on the label without having to read it. Just like clothes, perfume bottles can reach iconic status thanks to their extravagance, or, conversely, because of their simplicity. They’re often designed with no less care and imagination than couture collections. And it doesn’t really surprise me – if you think about it, fashion itself is just the art of packaging.

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Fragrance Friday: Escada Cherry in the Air


I remember vividly my first ever perfume (excluding, of course, the adult-repelling Barbie crap I would spray myself with for a brief period in second grade.) It was Escada Pacific Paradise – a super sweet, breezy scent enclosed in a cute little pink and blue bottle, all perfectly suitable for an 11-year old. And oh how I loved it. Since then, I’ve been checking out every new Escada fragrance, mainly out of sentiment, because I’ve long learned they all smell the same.

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