Best of

This page should probably  be called Least Bad Of, as it features posts I’m only moderately ashamed of. These are, in chronological order:

Ana Oppenheim’s First Blog Post – if you start a blog with a lie (well, a half-truth), it can only get better from there.

Reclaiming Pink – I quite like the Napoleon picture.

Shoes Are the New Corsets – this one went down surprisingly well. No stiletto lovers here?

Why Hipsters Take Pictures Of Their Food – my answer to the question everyone is asking. And a horrible photo of my outfit.

Overanalyzing: Cupcakes – this one was pretty popular. No as much as cupcakes, but still.

Men’s Right to Fashion – my first “serious” post, and longest to date. Any opinions?

A Word About Reviewing Fashion Shows – on blogging, fashion critics and Grumpy Cat.

The list will be updated every time I manage to produce anything half-decent. Any suggestions as to what I should include?


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