About Coverrated

I’ll start this page in the most cliché way I can imagine. Forgive.


1. to protect or conceal (the body, head, etc.) with clothes, a hat, etc; wrap;
2. to act as a reporter or reviewer of (an event, a field of interest, a performance, etc.);
3. to record or perform a new version of (a song) originally performed by someone else;
4. a thick protective outer part or page of a book or magazine.

Of course, these are just some of the word’s many definitions. There are also less relevant ones, including:

5. to copulate with (a female). Used especially of horses.

But I swear I didn’t know that when I was picking the name.

Coverrated started out as en experiment, to check if I was capable of writing four times a week, dealing with basic technology and, especially, exposing my work to the world, instead of hiding it deep inside my drawer PC. My first posts were rather hit-or-miss, but as the blog develops, it’s starting to take shape.

Every Monday, I try to publish a review: of a book, a film, a show or whatever is relevant at the moment. After a few completely random reviews at the beginning, I decided to stick to the more fashionable stuff. I promise no more diaries of obscure writers!

Tuesdays are freestyle. Usually, you’ll find me analyzing the crap out of anything fashion or pop-culture related. In 400 words, one of which is postmodern.

Wednesday is when I catch up with my studies. No updates that day, unless I’m late with Tuesday’s text.

On Thursdays, I post a song. Or a list of songs (i.e. a tracklist, which means the same as good old track list, just looks better.)

Fridays are strictly fashion and very lighthearted (unless a factory collapses and makes me think.) And weekends are usually free, though sometimes I decide to share some links.

During Fashion Weeks, however, the normal order of things is suspended, and all I do is review fashion shows. I give them star ratings – just because nobody does that. (Read my manifesto here.)

That’s it! Comments, questions, requests, suggestions? (Oh my God, it rhymes! Now a voice in my head will be rapping it all day.)


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