Fragrance Friday: Repetto


Everyone seems to be launching a fragrance nowadays, and I can’t say I was surprised when Repetto jumped the bandwagon. In case you’re not a ballet aficionado, let me explain that Repetto is like Louboutin for the tutu-clad. Although the brand is best known for its world-famous, excellent quality points, they also produce bags, comfy clothes and pretty flats for non-dancers. And now also perfume.

I’ve spent enough time in the Warsaw ballet school’s changing rooms to know that ballerinas don’t always smell nice, and the scent of their shoes is rarely divine. Therefore, I quite scared to test Repetto’s eponymous eau de toilette. But I needn’t have worried.  The fragrance is elegant and powdery; much like old Chanels, but lighter and sweeter. There’s also something vintage and bohemian about it that does indeed make me think of the corridors of a theatre or an opera. And the bottle is stunning.

It’s too late to add Repetto’s fragrance to my birthday list (it’s today, remember?), so… Christmas, maybe?

The perfume comes in three sizes: 30ml for 39 euros, 50ml for €59, and 80ml for €79. The range also contains a body lotion for tired Odettas. No deodorant, unfortunately.


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