Inspiration: Fiesa 2013


I really admire people who do awesome stuff just because. Those who write novels for pleasure, or make hilarious YouTube videos, or spend entire days drawing pictures they’re not planning to sell. Or those who build sand sculptures, for the joy of kids and lazy tourists. Thank God for those guys!

Last month, as I was traveling around Portugal, I discovered Fiesa – a festival of sand sculptures. Tens of artists from around the world, none of whom you’ve ever heard of, gather annually  to put up a sand village in the touristy region of Algarve. Their amazingly detailed works stand up to 12-feet tall and cover an area of 15,000 m2.

Each year, there is a different theme. In 2013, it’s music, from ballet…


…to rock and roll. And beyond.


Some interpretations of the topic have been rather loose, so apart from musicians, you’ll find actors and fashion people…


Not all sculptures are perfect, but even if Freddie Mercury‘s looks a bit too much like Stalin…

freddie fiesa

…I’m still terribly happy that such events exist, and fond of everyone who participated.

I hope this post inspires you to create something fun and useless today. Write a book, paint a picture, make a song, or start a blog that’s better than mine. Because someone out there has built a huge sand statue to John Galliano.

Fiesa 2013 is open until October 25 in Pêra, Portugal.


One thought on “Inspiration: Fiesa 2013

  1. Doesn’t it feel amazing to create for the sake of creating, to write for your own eyes…to perform a random act of kindness for no one to see? Thanks for sharing! It is amazing to know that this is happening 🙂

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