The Royal Baby Bingo

tatler royal baby

I had plenty of ideas for today’s post – but then I came back to London. As soon as I crossed UK’s border, I was reminded about the biggest news of the month year decade, at least. No, it’s not Egypt, or Syria, or the Pope. It’s not even K-Stew cheating on R-Patz or Biebs pissing in a bucket anymore. What can be more important than that? You guessed. The Royal Baby.

To be honest, I’m kind of sorry for the little devil that everyone but Grazia is fed up with before he or she is even born. However, I’m even more sorry for us all, progressive citizens and dwellers of the United Kingdom, who are forced to read and listen about the future monarch* wherever we go. I considered keeping Coverrated a foetus-free zone, but I finally decided to make a little game for us to play while waiting for the thing to be born and the hype to die down.Just cross out a box when you hear about any of the following topics. Whoever finishes the card first, wins a trip to Piccadilly Circus to get some marvelous royal memorabilia. Have fun!

Royal Baby Bingo

*Unless monarchy ends before that. It’s, like, the 21st century – just sayin’.


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