Viktor & Rolf Couture Fall 2013

viktor rolf

If you’ve got more money than your body has cells, there’s plenty you can do with it. You can order a huge, diamond-encrusted dress to wear for an oligarch’s birthday party on the roof of his Miami residence, and then regret picking something you can’t sit in. You might as well buy a bit of spiritual enlightenment to hang above your sofa – a $87 million Rothko, anyone? Or you can have it both ways and invest in pieces of Zen that are also wearable. Two in one, such a bargain!


After a 13-year break from couture, Viktor & Rolf came back with a bang – albeit a quiet one. The show started with the designers sitting cross-legged, back to back – contemplating consumerism, perhaps? After a few minutes, the models slowly walked in, one by one, and took their places on the floor. With the help of the duo, which had gotten up in the meantime, they were then covered with the fabric of their outfits, and transformed into rocks. The prettiest, skinniest, best-dressed rocks anyone has ever seen.

Replacing a traditional runway show for a theatrical performance could be a gimmick used to distract viewers from the mediocrity of a collection. This clearly wasn’t the case with Viktor & Rolf. What they presented was minimalism at its most complex. They created 20 looks with the same, pure and elegant-looking black silk, which they sew and mended into imaginative shapes, ranging from austere to sculptural. It was an experiment in construction, demonstrating what can be made with a simple piece of cloth. Magic, it turns out.

viktor and rolf

Before they even hit the runway, half of the looks were snapped by an anonymous art collector. For the six-figure price, he or she certainly deserves a fruitful meditation.

Fashion Rated: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


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