Pink Thing: Wendy Davis’ Sneakers

Wendy Davis shoes

Mentions of politicians’ clothes are often irrelevant. I’m fed up of Michelle Obama’s dresses being discussed more feverishly  than her husband’s speeches, and there’s no place for plunging necklines in an article about Angela Merkel, unless she wanted to legislate them. Luckily, she doesn’t.

Sometimes, however, fashion and politics can go hand in hand. Hoodies have become a symbol of Occupy World Street, while Rick Santorum destroyed the sweater vest to many liberal men.  Hippies tried to stop the war with their bell-bottoms, and punks fought the system with safety pins. Almost two centuries earlier, supporters of the French revolution distinguished themselves with Phrygian caps and tricolor cockades. And I won’t even mention slogan T-shirts (mainly because they’re too obvious, and therefore usually lame.)

Now, I have no idea if Wendy Davis’s choice of footwear was a conscious decision, intending to spark a trend among her supporters, or simply a practical move, defying the dictatorship of high heels. In any of these cases, it makes perfect sense to me. I’m considering getting myself a pair of these Mizunos and wearing the as a more subtle equivalent of a “Pro-Choice” tee. It helps that they’re my favourite colour, too.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check Fashionista’s article for a start.

And if you’re disappointed by the lack of puns in this post, you’ll find some here.


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