Th-inspiration: Antonio Lopez


The ICA holds a curious exhibition at the moment. It’s called Keep Your Timber Limber and gathers artworks related, in various (but always obvious) ways, to sex. Seen separately, each of the featured artists deserves notice, but putting them together in such way is beyond gimmicky; it’s a case of Sex! And now that I have your attention

Were I to show you my favourite pieces, you’d had to look at the giant political penises of Judith Bernstein. But I can’t help feeling that posting images of genitalia, regardless of their artistic merit, on a fashion blog is not very different from what that guy did. So I’m leaving you with the more appropriate, SFW Antonio Lopez, a deservedly iconic fashion illustrator of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Some of the following works (the “sexier” ones, I suppose) are featured in the exhibition , and some aren’t, but are nevertheless beautiful.


Antonio Lopez black girls

Antonio lopez pepsi

Antonio Lopez cover



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