Fashion Friday: Gabriela Austin’s Aprons

Gabriela Austin aprons Covent Garden

Fun fact: an apron used to be called a napron. Then the n jumped back, like a cute little frog, or a person standing in front of the yellow line as the train approaches.  It’s called metanalysis. The jumping of letters, not the train.

See, you’ve just learned something. Now you have an excuse to waste even more time on Coverrated: it’s educational.

Anyway. I came across Gabriela Austin’s (n)aprons as I was wandering around Covent Garden’s Apple Market (my excuse was research – for Coverrated, of course.) And I think they’re pretty damn awesome: fun, not cheesy (unless you spill some cheddar), unisex, reasonably priced, and made 100% in England. They’re perfect if your kitchen needs some anarchy – or is it a narchy?


Get me one of these and I might even learn to cook. Not.


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