Thursday Track: Icona Pop

icona pop

When I broke up with my ex, I hit Bond Street and got myself the most expensive shoes I’ve ever had. You think that’s crazy? At least I’m not like that girl who, after splitting up with a lover, crashed her car into a bridge. Just for the kicks, apparently.

And so what that she’s just a song character. In case you’re wondering, the bold young (or old, who knows?) lady comes from a 2012 single by the Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop. The track already made some waves when it was first released (I’m not the biggest partier in the EU, but I’m pretty sure I remember dancing to it last summer), but it wasn’t until it appeared in Girls that it became a major hit.

I’m not sure if songs like this are a good influence on kids. But I don’t care. I love it!

PS. As you may have noticed, I’ve changed the name of my Thursday series to Th-inspirations. Which is just short for Thursday Inspiration. I’ll still post songs, but occassionally also photographs, quotes, art etc. And if I ever tell you to lose weight, please force feed me with edamame beans until I burst.


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