Fashion Friday: Anastasia Radevich


Nineteen years ago, in a stroke of creativity, my parents decided to call me Anastazja. Which meant that during most of my childhood I was either the pop singer or the Russian princess. Recently, however, I’ve suddenly become a porn character. And it doesn’t help that my brother’s name is Krystian (which sounds exactly like Christian.)


Dreamfall by Anastasia Radevich: my fashion wet dream

Luckily, there are plenty of Anas in this world who have better things to do than fall in love with sadists and go on about their inner goddess. Take this amazing Canadian LCF graduate. (Hurrah for UAL!) She worked for Aldo, Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood before starting her own brand in 2009. Since then, every now and then she presents a shoe collection, each more mind-blowing than the previous one.


Shoes from her Kinetik collection. (No, not Kollection. She’s not a Kardashian!)

You know that I’m no big fan of high heels . Anastasia’s designs, however, are a totally different case:  I see them as blissfully unwearable works of art, of hardly any use value, but immense beauty. They’re only there to exist, either as actual objects or photos, and inspire. Or to make you (me, anyone) think. Like Lost Civilizations –Radevich’s last year’s collection which deals with the theme of environmental damage. Design doesn’t get much awesomer than that.


Lost Civilizations – shoes against pollution

I really hope Radevich will one day become a superstar and steele the limelight.
(A horrible pun = still better writing than 50 Shades.)


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