Thursday Tracklist: Tom Odell


With a name that sounds like Adele‘s, and a hairstyle that brings Kurt Cobain to mind, this Sussex-born, self-taught at open-mic nights 22-year old musician can’t escape comparisons. It doesn’t help that he sings, indeed, like a lovechild of the two: darker than pop but not quite rock; technically lovesongs, yet more despairing than romantic.

His target group must be about 16 – that weird age when you’re too big to be emo, so you try to be cool and hipster, but you fail and you cry, listening to shamelessly sad music. And thinking: maybe I’ll just get drunk and it will al make sense?

He released his first EP in late 2012, won the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award last February, and his first videoclip appeared on Youtube earlier this week, quickly becoming the second music video this spring to make me all teary-eyed.

I hope your tears aren’t used up just yet, because Odell’s first LP, Long Way Down, is due to be released on the 24th of June. This will be a very sad summer holiday – and I’m already happy for it.


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