1 Granary Magazine: A First Look


“Do you sell…” I start, but the young man working in our college shop doesn’t let me finish. “1 Granary? We will, but not yet.” I must be the gazillionth person that day to ask for Central Saint Martins‘s new publication, which has already been featured in The Times, The Independent, Vogue, and on some. of. my. favourite. blogs. – before even launching its first issue. As I turn around to walk away, a big cardboard box arrives. Seconds later, here I am: Ana Oppenheim, one of the world’s first owners of a copy of 1 Granary.

My 1 Granary, my messy room and me

My 1 Granary, my messy room and me

When I hold the much-hyped magazine, my feelings are mixed. On one hand, there is jealousy. I am so close to being mentioned in Vogue! – and yet so far, being neither a genius nor one of the cool kids. I turn the pages and giggle with sadisfaction,* seeing that Kate Phelan calls herself literally a tea bag. But there’s also pride and affection for the school I go to, the asylum for brilliant weirdos, where mysterious artworks pop up every now and then (at the moment we have chairs hanging from the ceiling), and no one is surprised at the sight of a boy in a dress.

John Galliano illustrated by Emma Löfström for 1 Granary

John Galliano illustrated by Emma Löfström for 1 Granary

I start reading, and fondness quickly wins over envy. Everything about 1 Granary turns out to be pretty awesome: from its delightful design to intriguing images (Frida Wannerberger FTW!), interviews with people I’ve long admired not knowing that they were CSM graduates to hilariously awkward Q&As with current students (Can you describe an average day in the life of a [CSM] student? You turn up, Sue makes you cry and then you go home.) The only thing missing is a few opinion pieces, because the mag feels a bit like an advert for the college. A good one, though. If it were a 2-minute video, I’d post it on my Facebook wall.

8=10 granary

I want to wear 8=10!

By the time I’ve reached the final, 192th page, I want to marry Raqib Shaw wearing 8=10 and styled by Olga Kuryshchuk.** And stay at CSM forever.

*Sadisfaction in a lovely word invented by my ex. I hope it’s not copyrighted.
**Or by the super talented Kate Phelan. Sorry for laughing at you, I was just being jealous.


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