Fashion Friday: My F-Word Wishlist


Friday starts with an F. So does fashion. And fun. And a few other things, but I know your filthy minds have already figured them out. So, what F-things do you fancy today?

After watching a very fashionable film (pictured above) I feel an urgent need for some fuzzy fur (but faux, please!), fetching fascinators and  flappers with fringe and feathers.

Here’s a couple of other ther F-items I badly want (or own and am fond of):


fearless fuchsia Furla bag, Fifty Shades of Feminism, a flattering, funky Fendi frock, Frey Wille’s Floral Symphony collection, some fine fiction (for example in the form of Fried Green Tomatoes… by Fannie Flagg), and a fairy cake (yes, that’s another word for a cupcake) with fluffy frosting and fresh fruit.

But, first and foremost, I want my brand new Facebook fanpage to have fifty followers. Or, better still, fifty-five thousand and be famous. So please click here, my fantastic, fabulous friends!


(Yes, this post is basically begging for likes, just less annoying.)


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