Thursday Tracklist: Songs You Know But Can’t Name


I wanted to make a post featuring my favourite songs about sex. However, while I was researching it, happened something that changed my plans. (No, not an STD – you really can’t get one from Google.) A Polish Facebook page gained 133K followers (which is really much for Poland) in just 4 days , completely dominating my news feed, and therefore also my mind. Its name translates as ” Songs that everyone knows, but no one remembers what they’re called.”

Nowadays, with Google, Shazam and Soundhound, it’s much easier to find a song than it was 20, 10, or even 5 years ago, but there’s loads of ubiquitous tunes that hardly anyone likes enough to search for. Still, isn’t it beautiful to discover that the track you’ve heard a gazzillion times, but never paid much attention to, actually has a title?

So, here you go. Ten songs you know, but probably can’t name. Some taken straight from the smash-hit page, others found by me. Especially for you, dear readers. I love you, too.

1. Yael Naim New Soul. AKA the song from the MacBook ad.

2. Quincy Jones & His Orchestra Soul Bossa Nova. AKA the Austin Powers theme. Or: some annoying vintage tune.

3. Suzanne Vega Tom’s Diner. AKA doo doo doo doo, do-do doo doo

4. White TownYour Woman. AKA the song with the kinda-like seesaw sound.

5. Chumbawamba Tubthumping (I get knocked down). AKA “I get no town.” (At least that’s what I used to sing.)

6. TeddybearsCobrastyle. AKA bom di bom di deng digdigi. Or FIFA 06.

7. Christopher Cross – Arthur’s Theme. AKA the romantic thing they play in restaurants.

8. Dave Stewart & Candy DulferLily Was Here. AKA a sax talking with a guitar.

9. ModjoLady (Hear Me Tonight). AKA a 2001 hit that seems older.

10. JemThey. AKA I don’t know how you know it, but I know you know it.

…and I left out all classical music, because otherwise this post would be longer than Encyclopædia Britannica before if went online. And it would make us feel stupid.

Can you think of any famous songs that no one but you can name? If yes, share them in the comments! And the sex songs are coming soon (pun kind of intended.)


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