Monday Review: Chanel Cruise 2014


Chanel’s pre-collections often have a theme. Remember Paris-Bombay? The Amy Winehouse show? Marie Antoinette in denim? Well, this time Karl couldn’t decide on just one, and packed his 2014 Cruise (aka Resort) collection with enough ideas to supply an entire Fashion Week.

First of all, the show was held in Singapore, which meant that most of the front row had flown 18 hours, almost straight from the Met Gala, to see it. Why there? I have no idea. But as long as Karl’s collections are as exquisite as this, he has every right to behave like a diva (no, Beyonce: not a hustler.)

Some looks were boyish and preppy, with shirts, ties, and oversized pullovers. Sport influences were suggested by models carrying cricket bats and wearing shin-pads (to protect their cream trousers in case of a runway mishap, perhaps?). Other pieces, like the floral blouses and lacy dresses, made from super fine fabrics, screamed oldschool feminity.  Then there was a subtle Asian touch, with wide-leg pants and exotic prints. And finally came the couture-worthy white gowns, reminiscent of Olympic goddesses rather than Olympic athletes.

Karl even managed to add some uber-trendy punk accents to the mix. These came in the form of heavy chain jewellery, that looked surprisingly in place, alongside the brand’s trademark camellias, little shoulder bags (one of them shaped like a Chanel No 5 bottle!), and cascades of pearls, much-loved by Mademoiselle Chanel.

The ghost of Coco ran through the entire collection, from the navy stripes to the 50s silhouettes to  the simple yet glamorous black frocks, harking back to the jazz age. She’d be delighted with the show. And so am I.

Fashion Rated: ★★★★★

Watch the show below or browse the looks on

Talking about the jazz age: next week I’m reviewing The Great Gatsby! Stay tuned!


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