Fuck Yeah Historical Price Converter!


I sooo wish I could treat my nonexistent devoted followers with a lol-funny review of a cutting-edge recent release. Unfortunately, I spent the entire week procrastinating an essay about art galleries. After a Hamlet-worthy internal monologue and tons of tears and heartbreak, I decided not to make a post about The Curator’s Egg, and skip this weeks’ Monday Review. Consider yourselves spared* and enjoy instead my latest, life-changing discovery (you discover amazing things when you pretend to be working):

The Historical Price Converter! <- yes, it’s a link!

How many times has a mention of a wenches’s handkerchief costing 5 pounds left you wondering whether it was more Prada or more Primark? Now you have all the answers! Just type in the price, select the year and tadaaaam!

It’s a pity it doesn’t work for futuristic novels. Or anything that happens outside the UK. Still, Austen admirers and Dickens devotees  should be happy.

*If you do prefer a review of The Curator’s Egg, here you go: it’s a shallow, repetitive and occasionally patronizing book that resembles a primary school handbook, except that it contains less pictures, and longer sentences. It’s about the history of museums, not eggs. And the lame pun in the title is the only joke you’ll find there.


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