Thursday Track: Gogol Bordello


These guys truly blow my mind. If a band’s name consists of the surname of a Russian writer and the Italian word for brothel, that’s a good sign. When you learn that their music is described as “Gypsy punk,” you should be intrigued. And when you find out that they have a mission statement that starts with:

Gogol Bordello’s task is to provoke audience out of post-modern aesthetic swamp onto a neo-optimistic communal movement towards new sources of authentic energy.

and ends with the exclamation Party!, if you’re anything like me, you should have already decided that they are your new favourite group. Regardless of what they sound like.

Fortunately, the tracks don’t disappoint. Take this one called Start Wearing Purple. You could easily write a dissertation based only on Internet users’ attempts at its interpretation. Be ensured that it’s loaded with references to all the stuff you should have read, but haven’t. (And neither have I.) Anyway, if one casually name-drops Foucault in a catchy song, he’s my homeboy.

So, who feels like wearing purple this weekend?


1 thought on “Thursday Track: Gogol Bordello

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