Thursday Tracklist: Kyan Kuatois


Wouldn’t you like to kick off the weekend with some awesome songs? Of course you would. How about get to know my taste in music? Of course you couldn’t care less. But since you are here, why not take a look (a listening?) at my today’s tracklist.*

Let’s keep the text short and sweet, just like… Nah, Kyan’s definitely not short. This young man you’re about to listen to is an enormously talented singer from Cambridge. He’s completely self-taught, and he writes and produces his songs all by himself. He started playing the piano at 12, at 21 he made it to the semi-finals of Must Be the Music, and now, at almost 24, he’s getting really big (not in that way!)

Seriously, it’s not just fan talk. Remember the name while you still have a choice.

Sometimes –This one already has over 140 thousand views on YouTube. For a reason.

Bad Science –You might recognize this one from Asos, but it’s not about bikinis.

Perfect Crime – A Prince- and Michael Jackson-inspired song with a hilarious video. Does anyone recognize the girl from 0:56 and 1:10 and 2:23?

 *Tracklist – a nonexistent word that looks better than track list.


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