Monday Review: Spring Breakers


So, how did your spring break go? Mine was filled with waking up at 9 instead of 8, catching up on time-wasting websites, “borrowing” books from by brother’s awesome library and trying to write a blog. To finish it off, I went to see a film about a bunch of girls who spend theirs getting high, pouring alcohol on each other, being licked by random guys, and running around with guns and My Little Pony balaclavas. I can’t decide who’s holidays sound more fun.

Reactions to Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers can be divided into two categories. Some watch it as a guilty pleasure sex-and-violence flick, and either like it or not. Others prefer to seek for a deeper sense. They want to see the film as a satire on hedonistic pop culture, a parody of dumb spring break movies (Piranha 3D, anyone?), and what not. And I think the latter group is just trying to justify the fact that they enjoyed it.

Everything in Spring Breakers is phallic.

Everything in Spring Breakers is phallic.

Because Spring Breakers, if you ask me, is nothing but an excuse for some soft porn (and I mean soft by 21. century standards – your grandma would get three heart attacks every minute.) What we get is bouncing buttocks, bare boobies, close-ups on buttocks and boobies (in case you didn’t know where to look), and all things “intimate,” except always with more than two participants and lots of spectators. This includes plenty of girl-on-girl action – of course, 100% “friendly,” as the young ladies from the very beginning eagerly express their need for a penis. And guess what? I liked it. Way more than 50 Shades.

Watched as mindless, sexy fun, the film is, well, fun. As a satire, however, it is meaningless. What new does it tell us about the Youth Of Today? That it is nihilistic and stupid? Thank you, that was enlightening. Also, don’t expect Selena Gomez, the former chastity ring-wearing Disney star who finally realized she’s too hot for Bieber, to run wild. She plays the innocent one, occasionally resembling Penelope Cruz in All About My Mother. Or to check out if she can act, because there’s not much acting (or dialogue, or plot) involved. And you won’t see her boobs either – sorry Seth MacFarlane.

Selena Gomez and Penelope Cruz. Of course you see the resemblance!

Selena Gomez and Penelope Cruz. Of course you can see the resemblance!

While Spring Breakers is a refreshing 90-minute break from reality, you’ll be glad to return to school. You’ll need lots of food for thought to cure this intellectual hangover.


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