A Day Without Cara Delevigne


It’s not that I personally dislike The-Model-of-the-Moment Cara Delevigne. In fact, I’m sure she’s a positive, friendly, fun-loving individual, and surely one hell of a cutie. What I can’t stand is her ubiquity – the fact that she’s as all over as the word “Cara” in this post.

Every day I see Cara’s (obviously, pretty) face or come across some Cara-related article, or –usually – both. And I mean every single day – I’ve kept track of it for months! (If you think I must be a freak with no life, you’re probably right.) As a social media user and a fashion follower, I’m constantly inundated by Cara news. Here’s Cara partying super hard and having more fun in a week than I’ve had in the last 18 and a half years. Here’s Cara looking drop-dead-gorgeous in clothes I might only be able to afford in a decade or two, when some rich lady (ex-supermodel?) donates them to Oxfam. And here’s Cara playing a bit part in Anna Karenina – OMG, all her talents! She can be beautiful on the runway, come out cute in photos and even look lovely in a movie!

Yes, I’m more than a bit fed up. And the fact that I have no reason to hate Cara only makes it worse. Maybe I’m just jealous. But am I the only one?


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