Bag Lady: Mary Katrantzou Pouches

Just after I resolved to start a blog (check the story here), I decided to celebrate the life-changing decision by blithely wasting some time on Facebook. In my news feed, alongside instagrammed photos of vegan food, some pretty offensive Justin Bieber joke and – yes! – two cat pictures, I found the info about Mary Katrantzou’s line of gadget cases. Aka pouches, but the words sounds too much like “ouch”.

Yesss! – I thought (with a stress on the middle s.) This would make an  awesome post for my new blog. I could get myself one of these, pose with it to some up-and-coming young photographer, and prove that one doesn’t need to own any Apple products  – or any cutting-edge electronics at all – to carry the delightful thing. I’d come up with a dozen of other ways to use it (stuff it with cotton wool and –tadaaam!  You have a pillow!) I would carry my books in it and record people’s reactions. I’d make a lame “notebook” pun.  Perhaps I could spark a trend. And change the world. Hurray!

Then I saw the bottom line (in both the idiomatic and literal meaning –look here.) Prices start at $400. In Ana’s terms, that’s about 130 Hummingbird cupcakes, or over 6 kgs of Whittard’s White Chocolate Tea, or no less than 30 cinema tickets. Or the “cheapest” pouch. Ouch.

At least I managed to make a lame pun.


2 thoughts on “Bag Lady: Mary Katrantzou Pouches

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