Ana Oppenheim’s First Blog Post


Hello, everyone!

This is a blog I started when I was hung over on absinthe.

No, not exactly. But sounds cool, doesn’t it?

The truth is, I’ve been planning to start a blog since forever. I’ve been imagining it, fantasizing about it, but more than anything, dreading it – fearing that on day I’ll finally succumb to the temptation to load myself with work and to expose myself to criticism and trolling. And that, after a year of writing, thinking and dreaming in bloggish, I’ll realize I have two followers, one of which is a psycho stalker, and the other must be Mum.

However, the absinthe thing wasn’t all made up. One Sunday morning (or was it noon?), after acquainting myself with/to the green fairy, I woke up with a significantly milder headache than I had expected. That’s when I suddenly felt I could and should do everything I wanted. Between the decision and the birth of this pink thing you’re reading right now, there was a lot of boring stuff that had to be done, but I’ll happily skip that part.

And so here I am, some weeks later, writing my first ever blog post. I’m hoping the task I’m undertaking will teach me to be a better writer, more assiduous, responsible for my words, to respond well to crits, and all that cal, as Alex from The Clockwork Orange would say.

Man, I managed to insert a literary reference here! Good start, Ana!

Oh, and by the way, the absinthe bar is Prague Bar in Angel, London. If the blog works out, I’ll owe it to them, and try to make them legendary in return.


3 thoughts on “Ana Oppenheim’s First Blog Post

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